NOTE: I, MentalMouse42, who adopted this wiki, only belatedly discovered that there is already an active Thaumcraft 4 Wiki on Wikia. I have merged most if not all of the information from here to there, and encourage people coming by here to transfer your efforts over there.


Welcome to the Thaumcraft 4 Wiki! Thaumcraft is a Minecraft mod, created by the inimitable Azanor, which adds a new magic system and an assortment of new items, mobs, and other stuff scattered about the world. Thaumcraft is not an industrial mod! It has a careful balance, well below the power levels of most industrial mods, and a progression system to pace character advancement. At the same time, it's still Minecraft, and ongoing play will reward you with great power.

This wiki was started with an early (4.0) version of the mod, but the prior admins abandoned it before completing even that. It is has now been adopted by MentalMouse42, who is trying to gather new editors to complete and update the mod for the latest version, currently Please feel free to contribute, both adding new material and correcting or polishing existing pages.

Our general plan here is not to duplicate the in-game documentation, but to provide information above and beyond that, especially covering various FAQs that come up over and over on the forums. Copying from The Book should have a lesser priority than providing information that players won't find in there, or for which the Book which may be confusing. Also, please remember that as the game gets updated, graphics and screenshots are more difficult to alter than text information.

Warning: This Wiki is going to be chock-full of spoilers. If you prefer to progress through the game without out-of-game knowledge or advice, please be careful which pages you read.

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