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Thaumcraft 4 is a Minecraft mod, created by the inimitable Azanor, which adds a new magic system and an assortment of new items, mobs, and wonders scattered about the world. Thaumcraft is not an industrial mod! It has a careful balance, well below the power levels of most industrial mods, and a progression system to pace character advancement. At the same time, it's still Minecraft, and ongoing play will reward you with great power. The mod has a fearsomely large thread on the Minecraft Forums (you can download the mod there, too).

This wiki was started with an early (4.0) version of the mod, but the prior admins abandoned it before completing even that. It is has now been adopted by MentalMouse42...

... who has belatedly discovered that there was already another Thaumcraft 4 Wiki active on Wikia, with more editors and more material. I am currently working on transfering the bulk of my work from here to the other wiki, and encourage folks stopping by here to take more-updated information from here to there, and help them update their pages to

Warning: This Wiki is going to be chock-full of spoilers. If you prefer to progress through the game without out-of-game knowledge or advice, please be careful which pages you read.

Where To get Thaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft 4 at the Minecraft Forums

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Bug reports and translations go to Azanor's Github page.. Suggestions for the mod go to Thaumcraft's MCF thread .

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