The Thaumatorium is the mid- to endgame way of performing alchemy. Thaumatorium is constructed with two alchemical constructs on a crucible and is transformed by means of a wand click.


Mystical Construct


Thaumatorium without attachments

Like a Crucible it needs a valid heat source underneath, like lava or nitor. Essentia is fed to it by attaching jars of essentia to the main structure with the help of essentia tubes or any other valid essentia source (placing alembics and an alchemical furnace next to it is valid and recommended). The Thaumatorium has seven connectors for this purpose. The connectors can also be used to attach Mnemonic Matrices that can store two recipes each in addition to the single one that the base structure can hold. The front side of the Thaumatorium has a display that shows which recipe is active as well as an output, where created items are ejected into the world, or an inventory if one is placed in front of the output.


The interface. Clicking the right-hand side icon will activate the recipe. Arrows are used for selecting recipe.

When accessing the Thaumatorium interface, the player can place items in the input slot and choose which recipe to use. The Thaumatorium gives a list of recipes available based on completed research and the item in the input slot and the player uses up and down arrows to select recipe. When a recipe is activated (clicked) and the Thaumatorium has access to the correct essentia, production is started.

For each Mnemonic Matrix attached two more recipes are allowed to be activated. In that case, the Thaumatorium will start manufacturing any activated recipe as soon as the needed essentia and items are available.