Once the player has started extracting essentia and performing infusions, a variety of special items become available. Much of this is "machinery" that gets placed in the world to work, and there's also the advanced wands and foci. But there are also several sorts of enhanced tools and armor, described below.

  • Magical Cloth can be used to make a set of robes.  These offer little protection, but do grant some discounts to vis costs, and they can be dyed for appearance.
  • Thaumium can be used to make tools and armor with durability rivalling diamond, and effect ranging from iron to diamond. In particular, the thaumium pick can mine obsidian.
  • The thaumium tools can further be enhanced on the infusion table, becoming "elemental tools" with special powers (see below). (Note that any prior enchantments will be wiped away.) The infusions are easy, but each requires a single diamond, along with aspect shards and greatwood.  The elemental set is completed with the Bow of Bone, which is not based on thaumium, and indeed are made on the Arcane Workbench.
  • Moderately difficult infusions can be used to create three "wearable devices". (Thaumium leggings will provide some extra protection.)  While based on leather armor, their durability is closer to that of thaumium armor, and each offers special abilities. 
  • All of the above can receive the Thaumcraft-special enchantment Repair, which allows them to recover durability over time while worn or on the hotbar, at the cost of vis. (Note that the tools' special powers all cost durability.)
  • All of the tools can be enchanted either with the vanilla enchanting table, or by the more controllable Infusion Enchantment.
    • The enchanting table may give them Unbreaking. Repair is incompatible with Unbreaking, and cannot be added to a tool which already has Unbreaking. Before version 4.2.3, there were gaps in this due to limits of the modding API; with luck or care, the enchanting table or anvil could combine the two enchantments.
  • There are also Primal Arrows, which cannot be further enchanted, but provide a variety of special attacks.

Elemental Tools Edit

The elemental tools (excepting the bow and arrows) are made by infusing "standard" tools made from Thaumium: sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe. All their special abilities cost durability, but they retain the durability of the thaumium tools they were made from.

  • Sword of the Zephyr:  This sword can attack several opponents at once, provided they are close to each other.  When blocking, the user will be surrounded by a vortex of wind, which will push away mobs, missiles, and loose items, and grant limited flight.
  • Axe of the Stream:   This axe chops trees from the top down, similar to the effects of mods such as Treecapacitor.  The wood will also "stream" toward the player and (space permitting) into their inventory.  Be careful in dense forests, or when working on structures made of logs!
  • Pickaxe of the Core: This pickaxe can detect nearby ores (also water and lava) when right-clicked against a block face.  (Beware the "false markers" which flash briefly before the real markers show up.)  When mining iron, gold, or cinnabar, this pickaxe can return a "native cluster" (which smelts for double yield) instead of an ore block. If the pickaxe is used to attack a mob, it will set them on fire.
  • Shovel of the Earthmover:  When used to dig appropriate blocks, the shovel will dig a 3×3 section at once, and collect the dropped blocks much like the Axe of the Stream.  With a right-click, it can also "undig", depositing a 3×3 section of blocks matching the target block, which need not be diggable.  (Be careful not to suffocate yourself!)
  • Hoe of Growth: This tool will till a 3×3 area of dirt with each click. It can also be right-clicked on a sapling or immature plant for the effect of bonemeal. This effect works on a few plants that aren't affected by actual bonemeal, notably silverwood saplings.
  • Bow of Bone:  Unlike the others, this is not thaumium-based, and indeed can be crafted on the Arcane Workbench long before infusion is available.  It not only fires more quickly than the regular bow, but can produce a rapid-fire stream of arrows.
  • Primal Arrows:  Likewise made on the Arcane Workbench, these arrows provide one of six special attacks, depending on which type of primal shard they were made with.

Armor and Wearable Devices Edit

The "wearable devices" below, while based on leather armor, do have far greater durability.  These devices are complex infusions, much more difficult than the elemental tools. There are three items in this group (a pair of thaumium leggings will provide some extra protection):

  • The Goggles of Revealing take the place of a helmet.  Like the Thaumometer, they allow seeing the aspects of nodes, the contents of essentia containers (including crucibles), and the progress of an infusion.  However, they do not provide research points, nor identify things by name.  They also provide a 5% discount to vis costs, including crafting, wand use, and magical builds.
  • The Thaumostatic Harness is worn in the "chest armor" slot, and provides full flight, similar to creative mode. It provides a 2% bonus to vis costs, and 5% for Aer.  It is powered by an added jar of Potentia essentia (the harness must be removed to refuel).  Its speed can be increased with the Haste enchantment, and/or by also wearing a Thaumostatic Girdle.  Note that crafting the harness requires a comparator, which implies access to Nether Quartz.
  • The Boots of the Traveller, worn like any other boots, drastically increase walking and swimming speed, allow jumping 3 blocks high, and allow walking up a block or across a one-block gap without jumping.  They also allow falling safely from considerable distances. They can also be enchanted with Haste.