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A silverwood log and a plank block in a nighttime Magical Forest biome.

Silverwood trees are mystical trees, common in Magical Forests but very rare elsewhere.


The trees are large, with brilliant white wood and sparkling bluish leaves. Naturally generated silverwood trees (but not those planted by the player) will be surrounded by a few Shimmerleaf flowers, which can be harvested like any other flowers, and used to create the powerful Ethereal Bloom.

Many silverwood trees will naturally form one or more pure nodes within themselves; even without magical vision, these can be recognized by distinctive black dots on each log containing a node.  Pure nodes can revert Tainted Lands to their underlying biome.  If a silverwood's node is still in its wooden block, they can continue to convert the surrounding area to Magical Forest.  (Jarring the node will destroy the wood.)

The trees can be grown from saplings, but bonemeal will not work on them. The saplings are comparatively rare, with a low chance of dropping from leaves. However, silverwood saplings can also be purchased from Pech Pech.

The logs can be crafted into planks like other woods, and these planks are intricately patterned.

Recipes that call for Silverwood logsEdit

The logs are also an early source of not only Praecantatio, but Ordo essentias.


  • In older versions, the wood was mysteriously fireproof, but this has since been corrected. However, the wood still has some anomalous features, notably that the game treats the the logs and planks as "non-opaque" blocks. Thus:
    • They do not transmit redstone power, and even redstone dust placed on them will carry power only upwards.
    • Buttons and levers placed on them will not work.
    • Fences and the like will not attach to them.