Please use this basic template if you are creating a new page on Thaumcraft 4 Wikia. If you do not use this template on creation, it will most likely be changed at a later date to match, so please do everyone a favor and try to start off with this style.


That being said this section should be used to talk about the basic idea behind the item the page is about. What does it do, what can it be used for, what kind of neat tricks can you do with it.

Advanced Uses

This section should be either filled in with advanced things you can do with the item, or tricks and tips on doing more than just the basic thing. This includes uses Golems on the item, or suggestions for 3rd party mod uses. Like Redpower pipes refilling Crucibles with water.

If there isn't anything fancy you can do with the item, just remove this section.

Thaumonomicon Entry

This section should be more or less an exact copy of what the Thaumonomicon says about it in game. Maybe also include a picture of the actual Thaumonomicon page.

Research Details

  • Required Research should be posted on this line, if there isn't any remove this line*

Use this section and table specifically to put what aspects are used in researching the entry. Research specifics HAVE to be inside this table, not everyone wants to spoil the research secrets and want to find them on their own, so placing the aspects in this table will keep everyone happy. They can look if they want to, or not if they don't. Just delete the rows you don't need.

*Change this into the name of page, this will be the table header* Research Aspects
Aspect 1
Aspect 2
Aspect 3
Aspect 4
Aspect 5


This section should be used to manually write out what is needed to craft the item once you have successfully researched the thing. It should also include a picture of the crafting page of the Thaumonomicon, so if it is confusing to read, people can just look at the pictures.