How to construct Infernal Furnace, notice the empty space on the middle top

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The Furnace after using the wand

The Infernal furnace is a giant furnace made out of obsidian and nether brick. It smelts items without material fuel, but if supplied with Ignis essentia or centi-vis, it will not only work faster, but give bonus nuggets for most metals, and meat as well. The metal nuggets can be combined as bonus metal, and the meat nuggets are required to make Triple Meat Treat.

Construction Edit

The basic construction is given in the Thaumonomicon, but note especially the empty space at the top. Once the blocks are places, right-click it with a wand containing at least 50 points each of Ignis and Terra vis. Once it has transformed, it could be used immediately by throwing items into the top, but a few accessories will drastically improve its performance:

  • An item grate on the top will keep you from falling in. Adding a hopper and chest atop that will make feeding items in somewhat easier as well.
  • There are four "sockets" on the furnace, three on the sides and one on the bottom. Adding up to three bellows will speed things up a fair bit.
  • Additional speed is gained by supplying the furnace with Ignis vis. Both this and attached bellows will encourage the furnace to produce more bonus nuggets.
  • Smelted items and experience are tossed out the front of the furnace. It's wise to put a Hungry Chest directly below the output grate, and a Brain in a Jar to one side of that.

Note that the Infernal Furnace is forbidden research: You will gain warp both by researching it, and the first time you make one.