These huge and distinctive trees are found in ordinary forests and occasionally other biomes, but especially in magical forests.


Greatwood trees are found scattered through the world, appearing occasionally in any biome which has trees.  They are much more common in Magical Forests.   Each tree has a 2×2 trunk extending up to a multibranched canopy. Each tree can yield upwards of three stacks of greatwood logs. Unlike vanilla's 2×2 trees, they grow from a single sapling.  Their logs and planks are used in magical crafting, notably the second-tier wand core. The logs are a cheap source of Praecantatio essentia.

The wood can also be used in ordinary crafting,  However, like silverwood, greatwood logs and planks are internally considered "non-opaque" blocks, so fences will not attach, and in redstone circuits they act like transparent blocks.

Some greatwood trees are adorned with cobwebs. These have a cave spider spawner and a treasure chest beneath the trunk.