Energized Node

An Energized Node generating 5CV of each aspect.

Energized Nodes are used to power various thaumic devices. They supply vis to various devices in a special form known as "centivis" (CV), where each point of centivis represents 1/100 of a point of vis. While this may seem small, centivis transmissions are calculated every game tick (1/20 second), and the fractions can add up quickly. The aspect values of an energized node (visible with Goggles or Thaumometer) are in CV/tick.

Centivis is transmitted through the air as a beam, visible to magical vision. It cannot pass through blocks (even transparent blocks), but for partial blocks, it is the actual hitbox which is relevant. The beam's range is 8 blocks, but this can be extended by use of Vis Relays.

Creation Edit

The Energized Node is created by placing a captured node between a Node Stabilizer (or Advanced Node Stabilizer) and a Node Transducer, and applying a redstone signal to the Node Transducer to start the energizing process. During this process the node's aspects will be drained to 0, so the process can take anywhere from several seconds to a minute, depending on the size of the node. Note that once a "special" node (Pure, Sinister, Tainted, Hungry) is fully energized, it will lose its power to affect the environment. However (for example), attempting to energize a Hungry node is quite difficult, since it will normally eat the equipment long before the process completes. If at at any time the redstone signal to the Node Transducer is interrupted, the node will start reverting to its natural state, but it will likely be damaged from having been drained.

Note that breaking either an Energized Node, its Stabilizer, or its Transducer, will result in a large explosion and releasing a great deal of Flux. To safely destroy an Energized Node, one must first cut off the redstone signal to the Transducer, and let the node fully revert to a (fully drained) normal aura node. It can then be broken as usual, or allowed to regenerate (as best it can, given the damage) and then jarred.

An Energized Node will always have only primal aspects, based on the aspects of the original node. Any compound aspect counts at full strength for every primal it contains in any part, no matter how many steps are needed to break it down. (Notably, Humanus and all its compounds count for all the primals.) For each primal, only the highest valued aspect containing it is counted. The final energized values for each primal is then the square root of the value for that primal, rounded down. After the square root is taken, there can be a modifier for node strength: +20% for a Bright node, or -20% for a Pale or Fading node.

For example, a node that starts with [35 Ignis, 70 Limus, 20 Telum] would first break the Limus and Telum down to their respective primals. Limus splits to Aqua and Victus, then Victus splits to Aqua (again) and Terra. So each point of Limus would count for Aqua and Terra, with the node's total potential aspects from Limus being 70 Aqua and 70 Terra. Telum splits to Ignis and Humanus. At this point, we can take a shortcut, because since version 4.2.2, Humanus contains all the primals, therefore so does any of its compounds. The Telum in our example node offers 20 in each primal.

The final total primals for this node would be 20 Aer (Telum), 70 Aqua (Limus), 35 Ignis (Ignis), 20 Ordo (Telum), 20 Perditio (Telum), and 70 Terra (Limus). When energized, this node would produce [4 Aer, 8 Aqua, 5 Ignis, 4 Ordo, 4 Perditio, 8 Terra] CV/tick.

Using Energized Nodes Edit

Energized Nodes are used to power several mid- and late-game thaumic devices, as well as as a way to passively recharge wands and crafting scepters. An Energized Node has a range of 8 blocks. This can be extended through the use of Vis Relays.

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