Hello and thank you for your intrest in helping make this wiki a better source of information. While contributing please remember a few things: 

1: We want this wiki to be easy to navigate so much of the format is based on the Thaumcraft 3 Wiki. 

2: Add photos of the item/subject. This helps make it clear what we are talking about. I would recommend screenshots from a super flat world.

3: Much like the Thaumcraft 3 wiki we will be using the following categories 

  • Items (Crafting materials, or anything that one cannot use as a tool, wear, nor place)
  • Aspects (An Aspect of research)
  • NPCs (Mobs)
  • Plants (Plants and nature related things that one can grow)
  • Blocks (Items that you can place)
  • Devices (Items that have function that you do not hold)
  • Mod Mechanics (Things that modify how the mod works)
  • Important Stuff (Things that people should read to get better)
  • Tool (Weapons, hand held functional devices, armor)

4: Always post images. It helps validate facts about a object (glows, special effects ect.)

5: For organizational reasons and just for ease of navigation lets all use the same template for pages. Sample Template  

6: Only add valid information And once again thank you for your intrest in helping complete this wiki