The Amulet of Vis Storage is a Bauble that is worn in the "amulet" slot. It can store up to 250 vis of each primal aspect. While warn, it will supply vis to various equipment while it is in use:

  • Tools or armor with the Repair enchantment, which must be worn or (for tools) in the hotbar. This allows them to repair themselves without draining the wand (etc.) in use.
  • Items providing Runic Shielding, allowing the player's shield to recover strength after damage.
  • A wand, staff or scepter, which must be held in hand (wielded) to receive vis.

The Amulet itself can only be recharged in two ways: By placing it in a Recharge Pedestal, or by staying close to a Vis Relay. Note that in the latter case, the player must be fairly close (3-4 blocks); the relay does not get its full 8 block range for this purpose.